Relationship Advice, Three Reason Why, Why Relationship Don't Work

Best Relationships Advice And Three Reasons Why

  • 1. Relationship advice numero uno . A woman should set her standard so high that a man should have to go through  God to get  her because she value herself.And she just that special but the question is how special are you? and trust me ladies a man can tell by looking at you a man can tell where your standards are.
  • The  second reason why a lot of relationships don’t work is because people go into it with the wrong intentions so if you’re looking for marriage make sure God is the head and the foundation of your relationship.
  • And  third ladies stop saying that you want a relationship but then your always in the clubs or bars getting drunk  if he is a descent person then he wouldn’t to be with someone that stays out all times of the night .This applies to only those who say they want a relationship and marriage. I like lounges and stuff but for real be modest.

Men want women need a friend first then is a woman who doesn’t have a identity crisis. If you like this post please Click Here