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 Love Boat When a man is genuinely in Love with a female he will listen attentively because he loves to hear her talk, it doesn’t bother him at all. Because like any other woman she might reference back to the conversation later on down the road. And if the guy doesn’t won’t to be caught not remembering the conversation. So If he is smart then he would listen.A man may not say much because he doesn’t want be caught looking like a deer in head lights expressing his feelings towards.But when it comes to relationships,his feelings are definitely involved. A man might often lean in on a conversation to show how important you are to him and how important the conversation is to him.

  • Most of us men tend to slouch and have poorer posture when we are not interested. However if he is trying to impress the woman that he cares about he will often times to show his love and if he wants her to be attracted to him then he will stand or sit up straight.It would almost be as he were attending an interview for a job. Because lets remember the first impression tends to be best impression
  • Is he calling you or texting you for no reason at all ?This is a good sign that a man is very interested in you,because not all men in love or men looking for love do this to women. So please don’t take it personal ladies if your man doesn’t do it to you. But this kind of public affection is only a sign that he feels comfortable and wants to be open with you,in a non-romantic way, and that he continuously thinks about you throughout his day.
  • If a man sticks around for no reason at all what does it mean? Does he like to do the same things you do? For example, rather than just wanting to meet up at a dinner party, he’d rather go grocery shopping with you beforehand so the two of you can make a dish to bring together. Simply doing household things shows an interest in being closer than just casual daters some men would rather do these things rather than just have sex.
  • Eye Contact is often signs that a guy is truly interested. When you’re at a bar with friends, does he keep looking at you from across the room just to make eye contact briefly? This behavior indicates how, even when you two are doing different things, he still wants you to be aware of how much he cares. Women you shouldn’t let the things go without some sort of praise.

For the gentlemen out there who are interested a woman. Most women would love to talk to you, only if you’re a straight up genuine person. A person who’s smart, attractive, funny and entertaining, with a wonderful smile. Women don’t like to be played with just be straight forward and you’ll receive the same in return. Most of the time they don’t ask for much. Even you may find this hard to believe. Most women just want to be treated like a woman and to be loved. Is this really to much to ask for?But if you can’t keep your pants pulled up. Then she already turned off. Women don’t like men who are not commonly interested in some of the same things that are. You don’t have to like everything they like but just don’t be opposed to the idea if they want to watch a chick flick. Most women are not gamers so if your into video games most women will tell you to keep it moving to the next female. They don’t want be second best by any means.

  • Most women between the ages of 26-60 love a guy who has substance, and depth, a man who has a conscience, and who is honest, loyal, caring, dependable, affectionate and a good listener. Someone who is understanding and likes to experience new things, a person who isn’t afraid of a challenge, someone who is ambitious daily. It shows them a since of security and that you have a strong backbone.
  • Women love exciting, adventurous people who enjoy life and know how to have a good time. Then you will have some who don’t like to be clingy because they feel it give off that weird stalker vibe.
  • However women hate a guys that are looking for a fling or any sexual contact this is not you a good way to start a love life. Because when the sex is done what do you have beside the physical aspect. A women would like to be approach as one with respect the same respect you would want someone to show your mother.
  • Majority of women in 2014 are just looking for a good honest guy preferably a gentleman of all gentlemen.Also someone they can go out with and have fun no matter what the situation is. Someone they can themselves around, whether its a goof ball, who wears no make up and sweats and the he still would find her attractive. Although most women love to look good always. Sometimes the simply things are what keeps a good woman, its the small that count with most.


  • First Date Women

Men tend to not to care where the 1st date is though they will have to chose wisely. Dinner and a movies seems way over done to a for most women that are on a quest for love that is. Because sometimes a woman may not feel comfortable being in the dark with a total stranger.

Some first dates that a woman is more to consider would be maybe going bowling, or to play pool, or maybe grabbing a couple of subs sandwiches and going to the park to walk and talk and get to know each other. If the fair is in town that’s another option… ya know, we could chat it up in between the fun games and exciting rides.It wouldn’t matter too much as long as it’s somewhere we can have fun and enjoy each others company! Then you have some that would love going to social gatherings, or even a coffee shop.

  • Whats More Important To You

Sex or love. This is something that is very important in finding the perfect mate because you might be looking for one thing and they might be looking for another .


Love Boat Relationship Do And Dont’s


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